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Private & Executive Office Amenities at Sandhouse

A great office space makes the difference. It connects you to a productive work environment, supportive, fellow professionals, and convenient, useful amenities that ease the burden of getting through your daily routine. Our executive and private spaces ensures you have access to premier amenities to ensure you operate smoothly and at maximum efficiency.

Coworking kitchen space.
Sandhouse coworking entry.
Recreation at Sandhouse.

Wireless high-speed Internet access is essential for professionals who want smooth sailing at work. A dependable and strong Internet connection is critical for everything from responding to email messages to managing research duties. Our executive, private and lounge spaces can provide you with high-speed Internet connections that are reliable and dependable. Our clients never have to question our Internet service. 

Scanning and printing are two functions that are often vital for daily operations. If you opt for our facilities, you can reap the benefits of both of these. We make managing scanning and printing requirements simple and rapid. 

Busy professionals need to treat themselves to occasional breaks. If you want to rest your mind for a few minutes, we can provide you with complimentary coffee and tea. Or perhaps grab a ping-pong paddle and play a friendly game with a coworker to re-energize your motivation. 

Other thrilling Los Angeles executive and private and office amenities that are offered to our clients are happy hours, pleasant lounge sections, conference and classroom reservations, meeting and event facilities and communal kitchens. 

If you’re searching for five-star coworking office amenities, we want to hear from you today. Contact us now to get a tour of our spaces in Los Angeles, CA.


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