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Hollywood Virtual Offices for Lease

Sandhouse is known for our high end virtual offices and coworking spaces all across the country, and our Hollywood offices are no exception. This sleek and modern space is the perfect option for anyone looking to grow or launch their business, or for professionals who are looking for a way to make working from home viable. 

With multiple membership plans to choose from, entrepreneurs can tailor their plan to their needs. Like businesses themselves, Sandlot understands that one size does not fit all. The Hollywood virtual offices for lease are a competitive and exciting option for local individuals and businesses who do not want the overhead of a full office space, but still need the amenities and professional conveniences that a brick and mortar office would provide. 

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About Sandhouse Hollywood Virtual Offices

The Hollywood virtual offices for lease are designed with productivity and creativity in mind. Clean lines, contemporary designs, and the most up-to-date technology are some of the many features offered. Sandhouse understands that a creative atmosphere and professional support are needed for businesses to thrive in an ever more competitive environment, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the virtual office movement. In line with the normal ebb and flow of the business week, the services used can be scaled up or down as needed, and most services can be booked quickly and easily through our online portal. 

Popular Features 

Live receptionist services, free refreshments such as coffee or tea, and comfortable lounge areas in which to work are all available to members. Also available to patrons are mailing addresses for business communications, a dedicated business line, and voicemail. Private conference rooms or classrooms, high-speed WiFi, and flat-screen video monitors can also be booked for important meetings or special events. A print center rounds out the list of amenities, ensuring that members are able to focus on the job at hand rather than on the management of support staff or equipment. 

Flexible Pricing 

Local professionals interested in learning more about the Hollywood virtual offices for lease can easily contact the office for a rundown of all the services offered. Even the most streamlined virtual office plan comes with a long list of amenities and benefits, and the ability to easily scale up quickly when needed.


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