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San Diego 3pl

San Diego 3PL

When starting your ecommerce business, it's normal to run a one-person show where you'll take care of fulfillment and shipping on your own. As the company expands, however, this approach becomes inefficient. You're likely to become so busy with marketing and customer support that the job becomes overwhelming. If you're in these shoes, you might benefit greatly from partnering with a reliable San Diego 3PL company. A third-party logistics company like WSA Distributing can help you handle the bulk of your operational logistics needs while giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

What do 3PL companies do?

Third-party logistics companies specialize in a wide range of services that have to do with the supply chain. Depending on the company, San Diego 3PL services may include:

When should you use a 3PL company?

For many business owners, time is the most crucial factor influencing the decision to outsource logistics services. Once your business starts struggling with promptly preparing and shipping customers' orders, you must consider changing your current logistics approach. Asides the time factor, below are other reasons why you may consider outsourcing your logistics process to a San Diego 3PL company:

Saving money on bulk orders

San Diego 3PL companies are in a better position to negotiate with freight companies than individual businesses. Because they are working on behalf of multiple clients, 3PL companies will naturally have larger orders and negotiate lower prices. When you work with a 3PL company, you're likely to benefit from the reduced shipping cost.

Managing seasonal fluctuations

Many businesses naturally experience demand fluctuations as seasons change. Outsourcing your order fulfillment and logistics to a San Diego 3Pl company is ideal for managing these peaks and troughs. You'll be empowered to make better use of your resources since you don't have to commit capital except when necessary.

Expanding your reach

Working with an international 3PL company provides the flexibility to test new markets without investing heavily in warehouse space or staff. You'll also avoid the extra cost that comes with having to pay custom duties on international shipping.

Minimizing risk

Shipping delays are almost commonplace in the logistics and freight industry. If you're working alone, it may be quite challenging to make alternative arrangements when they happen. On the other hand, 3PL companies can quickly source for other options since they're more familiar with the terrains, and they have the added burden of multiple companies bearing down their necks.

Contact the leading San Diego 3PL company

Is your ecommerce business experiencing tremendous growth, and the orders are becoming overwhelming? Do you need a reliable fulfillment company to make life easier for you? Why not get in touch with WSA Distributing? We're your go-to San Diego 3PL company, and our proud track record of seamlessly delivering top-notch services to our esteemed clients speaks for us. Contact us on 858.560.7800.

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