About Sandhouse Office Space

Why Sandhouse Executive Office Space

Today’s businesses need to be nimble, open-minded, and collaborative – there’s no other way to keep up in today’s age, and more and more businesses are turning to full service executive office spaces to help them reach their goals.  We at Sandhouse celebrate these traits that help modern businesses succeed, and we believe that the best way to foster creativity is to completely immerse yourself in it – from the people you work with to the space that you work in. With that in mind, we designed our executive and private offices to maximize privacy, collaboration, and connection so that members can work effectively, productively, and as profitably as possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster growing creatives and entrepreneurs by providing a creative office space for lease that truly meets their needs. Sandhouse full service executive office spaces are optimized for collaboration, networking, and making new connections. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs that are just as driven and creative as you. Moreover, Sandhouse is committed to growing with you and your business. We offer work bars and lounges, along with conference rooms and classrooms. We know we need to keep the space open for your business to grow, change, and adapt.

The Sandhouse Difference

Work needn’t be a grind. Sandhouse offers all the amenities to ensure you work in comfort while having all the available tools to necessary keep working at your best. Enjoy our complimentary coffee and beverages in our kitchens, rest and recuperate in our lounges, or take a break with a friend and compete in a game of ping-pong in our recreational space.  Your team deserves the all the advantages that a creative office space can give!

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Join our creative community! Learn more about our full service private offices. Check out our creative spaces in Hollywood, CA and our office spaces in Miami Beach, FL.


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